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Photos "disappeared"

Today I decided to turn on the option to purchase prints of my images and then decided against it. So I toggled the option to buy prints on, then off. Since then, my images all turned "white" as if the file was there but the image gone. It seems like the thumbnails are slowly repopulating but if I try to view any image then I get a beachball as it loads and loads. This is true for my entire website! Very frustrating. Any tips or advice?


  • cphotocphoto San FranciscoMember Posts: 120
    Zenfolio has been experiencing serious rendering issues since Sept 27th.
    They've been trying numerous fixes, none of them seem to work more than a few hours or days at best.
    I would expect things to get much worse like previous years with the increase of traffic getting closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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