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Setting up for Vendor integration/printing

I have been trading emails with Mpix Pro regarding their print requirements. They maintain that they recommend using a D50 White Point with percetual intent. Problem I have with this is D50 is much more magenta on my NEC PA272W, whites look yellow and 50% gray has a yellow cast. This is after using the NEC colorimeter to calibrate, fact is if I was to leave that monitor at D50 I would not be using it for anything else as the colors just do not look right compared to my other monitor calibrated at D65.

Fact is almost all monitors, cell displays etc are now using a D65 white point which on my equipment grays are real gray and whites are really white. Seems to me that if I start redoing my images and get them to look as good as I can at D50 my customers will look at the images in my gallery and go YUCK.

Am I over thinking this?
What do other do to get accurate prints from Mpix Pro?
Is there another Pro-lab I should look at using?

I have my website structure almost ready to go but do not want to start uploading images until I am sure I have the best solution. thanks for any help.
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