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Huge unconsistencies in the shopping cart

Hi there,

Shopping cart is ugly as hell, we all know that, it's got almost no customization whatsoever appart from the background color that can range from white to black (how amazing...)

OKAY, that's OKAY, i mean it, i'm totally ready to handle a flipping UGLY shopping cart, since it's more or less "convenient", let's say...

BUT WHY on earth, do you have to leave such unconsistencies as these :
- photo TITLE is truncated after 3 or 4 words when there is PLENTY of space
- even worst : photo TITLE doesn't even exist on mobile version (NO TITLE WHATSOEVER !!!)

Please, please, please, display the f***ing photo title, as there is no reason to chunk or hide it, since YOU guys manage the interface / space / arrangement of everything in the (ugly) shopping cart !!!

Can you just do that ?!


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    Hi Langlais!

    While the quickshop pages are very limited in their customization, most of the shopping cart page elements can be controlled in theme designer. Do this by previewing a gallery with a price list > add a product to the cart > view cart > hover over edit at the top of the page > click page > click themes > edit theme > general elements such as text, fields, buttons, boxes, and background on the style tab will affect the shopping cart page.

    While in customize website view for the shopping cart page click Options and set the Link to gallery on hover: to Show. Once this is applied and published, you will see an info (i) icon when hovering over an image thumbnail in the cart. If the image has a title, you will see it displayed along with the link to the gallery.

    The mobile site does not have this hover linked on the thumbnails in the cart. However, if you long press on the thumbnail, and open it in a new tab, you will be taken to the galley photos page. If titles are set to show there, then you will see the title of the image displayed.

    I do very much appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback. I can certainly see where having more customization options and a simple display of the image titles in the desktop and mobile shopping cart would be very helpful. I will pass this request along for consideration on future updates.
  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
    edited November 2019
    Hi Alex, thanks for taking the time to answer

    Unfortunately, since you answered, i just found out the issue is even worst :
    - missing photo title on mobile is not only on the shopping cart, it's on the gallery page AND on the photo page, which is also called quick shop page since products are attached to the gallery (and is what i meant by "shopping cart" in the first place)
    - although the description can be displayed (when did a huge description become more important and likely to be displayed than a bloody title ?!)

    Example here : http://bit.ly/2Os2c4u

  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
    edited November 2019
    And thanks for mentionning "future updates", what a piece of joke, it's been MANY YEARS that most of us have been complaining about the "shopping cart experience" (i reported DOZENS of bugs, unconsistencies and suggestions to the french office before you closed it down), and what have you done in the meantime about it ?

    What are the updates at Zenfolio, appart from removing Europeans labs, what have you done ?!

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  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
    Hi there,

    Just got an answer from the support, as useless as Alex's answer above

    Do you guys actually READ before answering ?!

    Let me attach 2 screenshots to show you where the problem is

    (and please don't tell me there is no problem since title show on both screenshot, it's just that i made these screenshots on desktop, and the problem shows on mobile)

    on many sites it works (georgewheelhouse.com for instance)

    on mine it doesn't (photoarclusaz.com)

    thanks for investigating
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  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
    No answer here + no answer from support by email

    Typical Zenfolio follow up :
    - you ask a question
    - they answer wrong because they didn't read properly / understand what you mean
    - you explain again, make it more clear
    - and that's it, end of the story....
  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    edited November 2019
    Your gallery titles are set to white and so is the mobile background. The grey mat does not display on mobile. Change the title color to anything other than white, and it will be visible on both mobile and desktop. In theme designer this is Galleries tab > Titles and Captions element > Photo Title section > Color. Image of this attached.
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  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
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