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Pictures not loading.. again...

So, once again, old galleries are not loading, photos I just uploaded today are not loading, just lots of spinning circles. This is happening way too often here. Coincidentally, I have a notice that my account is up for renewal in the new two weeks. Remind me again why I should keep paying for this when the site keeps going down and nothing much seems to be being done about it?


  • Roger DillRoger Dill Member Posts: 1
    I can't live with the poor level of uptime the service has. Smugmug seems to have this issue also however it happens a lot less and it is resolved in a matter of a few minutes from what I saw looking at their website issues page going back about 6 months.
    Does anyone have experience with alternatives that are more reliable? I'm doing the research now but expect it will take a while until I find something that I'm comfortable with.
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