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Some more stuff that might confuse and turn away my visitor at checkout

langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
Hi there,

Among the many discrepancies between desktop and mobile versions related to the shopping cart, here is one that might confuse my visitors and turn them away :

On mobile, a weird orange "Edit" word is displayed on my enlarged photo (photo also framed with a weird orange border) when clicking on the thumbnail

Pressing on it leads to another screen (one more...) designed for cropping the image, which in my case is just USELESS (and shouldn't even be here), since i won't let my client crop my photos (who would ever do that ???)

When will you guys consider tidying up those numerous useless and confusing screens and menus, in the shopping cart ?!

That day, if it ever comes, we might start saling anything from our website...

Desktop version lets the client type something (directions) at that stage, when mobile just says "Instructions: aucun" (meaning "directions : none")

If you were keen on sales and marketing, you guys would know that when something is USELESS, it just SHOULD NOT BE THERE (not show !) especially on checkout pages (checkout pages should be clear, straightforward, appealing, the exact opposite as what they are now with Zenfolio...)
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  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    The most common setting for ordering options is to allow clients to select the cropping, this is the method in which that is done on mobile. I understand you position that if that setting is restricted to not allow the cropping to be adjusted, then it would be helpful to not display the option to edit the image. I'll pass that feedback along for consideration.

    On the mobile shopping cart if the word instructions is tapped it takes you to the product options page. Tapping the carret next to instructions expands the text field and allows for instructions to be entered and saved.
  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
    edited November 2019
    Ok, thanks for passing my point to the dev about this useless screen and option, i guess you agree with me that everything that has no purpose should not be there, especially in the shopping cart...

    And sorry for the instructions link, i didn' notice it

    Although i noticed something else that seems like a discrepancy between desktop and mobile :
    - on mobile, there is a link that says something like "more products from this photo" (in French : "Plus de produits avec cette photo")
    - can't see any of that on desktop ! Cliquing on the image, or on the product name, or on the "Modify" link leads to a screen that lets the user change product, but only to pick from the same product category, whereas the link on mobile lets the visitor choose a product category first
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