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No return button on mobile

Hi there,

Why is there no return button to go back to gallery thumbnails on mobile ?

Once you've clicked on a thumbnail on mobile from a gallery set for e-commerce, there is no way to go back to thumbnails !

The visitor can go to the cart, and from the cart, a top left menu offers him an option to return to the gallery, but the visitor is taken to the enlarged photo view again, instead of thumbnails !

From the enlarged view, on mobile, there is no "back button" like on the desktop version, which is one of the very few parameters that can be set (although this button is ugly as hell, and its appearance cannot be choosen unfortunately, which breaks down the look and feel of the site)

I'm afraid, in these conditions, my visitor will be confused, as i am myself, trying to test this so called "new shopping experience"...


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    On the mobile gallery photos page tapping the title of the gallery will take you back to the gallery thumbnails page.
  • langlaislanglais Member Posts: 68
    edited November 2019
    Hi, thank you but i don't have that title of the gallery !

    I suppose it's written in white over white, just like i was missing the photo title previously, although i started redesigning my website from scratch with a new theme and haven't modified anyhting yet...

    So what do i need to tune in the theme customization to make this link show up !?

    Anyhow, a "return to gallery" link (as it exists on desktop in the shopping cart page) or drop menu (on mobile) should take the visitor to the gallery (thumbnails view) and not to an enlarged photo with a big "Buy" button, don't you agree ? This is confusing, i am confused myself each time it happens to me !
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