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Here's my site www.echelonphotgraphers.com It shows very well on mobile, but I don't like the image quality or the cropping when looking at proper pc monitor....would love to customize this layout so the images were not cropped on top and show better resolution on screen.


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    edited November 2019
    Hi there!
    The cropping of the background images on the homepage is due to the full screen layout being used. With full screen layouts the images are scaled and cropped to fit the visitor's browser window size.
    Try using a Widescreen layout with the photostrip instead. This will prevent the images from being overlapped by the header and welcome message, and will control the cropping of the images, since there is a background mat to the page that will be adjusted to fit the browser window instead of the images.
    A Classic layout with a slideshow is another option. This would allow you to control the specific dimensions of the images displayed, and would prevent all scaling and cropping. The maximum display size of images (XXL) shown on Zenfolio pages is 1550 pixels on the longest side. In any situation where images are displayed larger than 1550 due to browser window size, the image is scaled up to fit.
    I hope this helps to clarify! Feel free to reach out to the Support Team directly if you have any more questions about this!
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