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Adding descriptive narrative to Zenfolio gallery page

I'm trying to add some descriptive narrative to a gallery page but can't figure out how or if it can be done. Essentially, I'd like to create a gallery of photos entitled "wildlife" and include descriptions of each group of photos - not photo captions, but a brief narrative of what viewers are looking at (e.g. waterfowl from the Carolina lowcountry). The only option I've discovered is to create a custom page but formatting options for photos there are limited. Any ideas anyone?


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 82
    edited November 2019
    Hi there!
    In addition to the photo level, captions can be added to groups, galleries, and collections as well. This is done by selecting the group, gallery, or collection in the Organizer sidebar, without selecting any photos, then clicking Details. Captions can be typed into the caption field, or pasted as this field accepts rich text formatting. Click save at the bottom of the details once done adding information.
    After adding and saving the caption, it will need to be set to show in customize website view for that page. That is done by clicking Preview on the page > hovering over Edit at the top of the page > clicking Page > then once in customize website view of that particular page, click Options > Page elements tab > captions: set to Show > Apply. If you would like to then make that change apply to all other pages of the same type(group, gallery thumbnails, or collection thumbnails) that are set to follow default settings, then you can click Save As Default. Once you are done making changes to the appearance of the pages, click Publish to make the changes live on your site.
    I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out to the Support Team directly if you have any other questions!
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