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Does display speed deteriorate with larger websites ?

Would, for instance, a site with 100 images display more quickly than a site with 100,000 images ?


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 89
    This is more accurate when discussing a single page. If there are 1000 images loading on a single gallery thumbnails page without pagination, and very large thumbnail sizes then it would take noticeably more time to load than a page with 50 small thumbnails.
  • Is this a linear time increase? As in, would the per image generation/loading time be the same?
  • Motorsport in the UKMotorsport in the UK Member Posts: 40
    Displaying photos on my site or thumbnails through my Zenfolio dashboard are taking a dreadfully long time. Both new galleries and older ones. Can take 10-40 secomds "loading" per picture 200-400kB. Frankly it's hopeless again.
  • the impartial observerthe impartial observer Member Posts: 9
    edited April 2020
    Is it possible that loading smaller originals would improve the issue? Pretty sorry solution, since we pay extra to load larger originals.
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