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Zenfolio and Quickbooks - A solution

There are other ways to set things up, but this is how I did it. This mirrors the information provided by Zenfolio and is simple to maintain. My shop sells only the following products: prints, backboards, frames; all through MpixPro with profits deposited to PayPal. The account and class names are ones I use, and may be changed to suite your needs. Attached is a PDF with screenshots.

QB Setup

1) check inventory is active and uncheck warn if not enough to sell

Chart of Accounts
1) add bank (PayPal).
2) add income group (Sales) and income items (Prints, Metal Frames, Wood Frames, Backboard, Non-Glare Glass, Discount, Shipping).
3) add expense group (External Expenses) and expense items (Service Fee, Shipping, Processing).

1) add item as inventory part (Prints, Metal Frames, Wood Frames, Backboard, Non-Glare Glass, Discount, Shipping) and set income account to matching income item in the chart of accounts. Leave cost, sales price, COGS, vendor, etc. unchanged.

1) add vendors (MpixPro, Zenfolio, Shipping).

Class List
1) add each size print offered. This prevent having to multiple inventory entries, one for each size print.

The steps above only need to be done once. The following steps are done for each sale.

1) look up the order details under Selling in your shop. Click on show details.
2) check QB inventory and if print not found, add new item as subitem of Prints. Use the name of the print. Leave amounts unchanged.
3) check if a new customer, if so add to QB customer center.
4) create invoice with multiple lines using item code; quantity; price each; from details
line 1) name of print from inventory record; size (Class); quantity; price each
line 2) frame type from inventory record; quantity; price each
line 3) shipping; quantity; price each
line 4) if discounted with coupon - Discount; -1 (the -1 in quantity will change the amount to a negative number); discount amount.
5) verify the total is correct.
6) click receive payment at top of form.
7) check item, set bank to PayPal, save.

This can be done anytime, but it is more convenient while to details of the sale are displayed in your shop report.
1) check the correct deposit (just one)
2) the first line should be filled in with the customer name, do not change
3) add lines for Shipping, MpixPro, Zenfolio. The accounts should be the expense accounts from the chart of accounts (Shipping, Processing, Service Fees) and the amounts entered as negative numbers.
4) verify the deposit total is correct.

The Profit and Loss Detail report will show income and expenses by product, processing, shipping, and service fees.

By defining print sizes, reports may now have subtotals by print size. See report customization.
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