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Selling Download Images screen and page behavioral issues

I have not sold images over my site in ages (by choice).
Now I wanted to enable just one product; Digital download. That was easy to set up.
Then I tried to see what it looks like. and that is grim....
1.) I am in the Gallery and the download product is shown - good
2.) I click on buy \ Select Photos to buy - Still OK
3.) I click on the images to select - OK
4.) I click on Buy Selected - new screen shows the 1st selected image and the product to the right. Given my name "download personal use" is not great buy the display does not make it easy understandable its actually a selection here. - Bad
5.) Once clicked the Product I see again only the 1st image with a preview option to the right and a "Change Photos" button below the image - again trial and error till I clicked the Change Photo button, as I am not sure why I have to change a photo here... certainly not intuitive
6.) I am in the Product screen with all images shown in the "Selected" rider on the left (also Favorites and All riders visible). On the right only the 1st image shown. Bad
7.) Now I have to drag all images, I want with this option, onto the right ( not sure why I have to make my selection again, however)
8.) Images are now at the right - two options Save and Add to cart.
9.) If I click save I get the1st picture displayed (Back to step 5.)
10.) If I click add to cart it adds only the 1st image to the cart - despite me selecting multiple images on the previous screen - Not clever at all
11.) I can now go to the cart with one image or Back to the Gallery (big buttons) or text underneath continue shopping with these photos - which brings me back to the 1st image - absolutely nonsense, as I dealt with that 1st image already, it's in the cart and now have to work out how to get the others into the Cart.....
12.) If a potential Customer has made it that far I will have lost them at that point - IMO
13. FF) would mean to continue with adding each image individual to the cart by following the above pass and unacceptable for two images never mind 50 or 100.

I spoke to support and according to them, all images I dragged into the selection should transfer with the selected product into the cart. Which they did not.
I had some testers to try it and they were as "OVERWHELMED" and confused as I am.

Surly that can not be a process to make a sale?

I am happy to admit if I made mistakes, but my process was confirmed by Support so most unlikely.

How can I get a selection of images with only one product (download) into a cart without fuss, hunting, trying buttons and without confusion and let the customer part with their money? Mind Zenfolio should be more than interested in this as they take a cut.

At present I can use the site only as display medium and have to do the rest manual... That said it's not fit for purpose and I will have to look elsewhere if this does not get addressed fast.

Looking forward for solutions


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