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Custom Code


Does anyone have any experience with custom code in zenfolio? I want to customise my pages using CSS and see the source code button but cannot seem to get what I want.

Any zenfolio developers out there able to help me at all?




  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 88
    Hi Al!

    The built-in pages such as the home page, galleries, and photo pages are not editable at the source code level. The only pages that will allow you to add your own code are Custom pages and Blog pages and this is limited to the body of the page. There is not access to adding custom code to the head of the page.

    Please note that although Custom Pages and blogs allow the adding of code and embedding of external content, we do not support any coding issues and cannot troubleshoot any third party content or code.

    Please see the following link for more information on creating Custom Pages and Blog posts.

    In addition, for Pro and Advanced level subscribers, custom code such as Javascript and HTML may be added to the custom header or footer content area. Please see the following link for more information on setting up custom headers and footers.

    I hope this helps!
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