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Your Help is Needed: 2 Critical Changes Would Benefit All!!!

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this chaotic time.

I have a concern to share that I feel affects all of us utilizing this wonderful site.

Currently, my business is aimed at selling single photos starting at 3.99 (4 x 6) that have messages printed on them. But with the standard shipping charge at $4.25, I'm not getting any takers. The shipping charges should be designated according to weight. Do you feel comfortable with our customers being charged $4.25 shipping fees for one photo? Please join me in requesting this change - I've made the suggestion, but it will take more than my voice to get this rectified.

Also, when customers (or even ourselves) order any of our photography merchandise for a gift, did you know that currently, the recipient doesn't even receive a personalized note (or any kind of acknowledgment, for that matter) notifying them of whom it is from? I asked if they could at least type on the address label (near the bottom) a simple typed "FROM:" with the sender's name, but that also requires more than just one suggestion, apparently.

I need your help - if you agree these 2 requests are reasonable and beneficial, PLEASE raise the issue with staff as I have done. This is a great site with wonderful people running it but these are two problems that I feel adversely affect all of our businesses!
Thank you and I hope you'll help!

Most Sincerely,
Cloudy Pond Studios


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