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Website re-work review please

I have been struggling to get my website looking professional and also liked by the Google SE's, google seems to be picking up my pages and the few blogs I have done but no images. Although I do not have a ton of images I just went through and added a better, title, caption, keywords, and categories to each image.

I changed the theme to what I think makes the images pop a little more?

I changed the quick shop options so there is a black screen instead of the default gray, again, trying to make the images pop more.

Per visitor feedback I added a "all images" collection as well as a "All Galleries" option to the drop down menu so they can choose either method for viewing.

Again per visitor feedback I changed the watermark from covering the image to be on the lower right so it is not as intrusive. Watermarks are a can of worms so this one really has me twisted as to what is the best practices. My thought is the anyone who knows photoshop well can easily remove a watermark these days so why take away from the image for online viewing, yes I know bad people can screen shop images, hence the can of worms.

I added a new group "Historical Sites" and made a collection for "Battle in Shiloh, TN" to see how that looks/works. I did add an image to the group folder so there is no gray box and changed the sorting so the group falls into the alphabetical order like it should.

I am concerned about the look, flow, usability, and SE compatibility. Any advice or comments are appreciated as i need to either get this working right or make a decision as to if I should continue or just give up. lol

thanks all

Here is the link to the website:
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