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mobile site is terrible for me

langlaislanglais Member Posts: 69
Hi there,

I asked a few month ago, but didn't have any answer to this :


On mobile, when you're on a "photo page", clicking on the gallery title is supposed to take the visitor back to the thumbnails view (far from ideal to me, but, that's what ZF chose for us...)

Problem is : gallery title text is white on white (so it does NOT show !)

Thanks for any help, unless it will stay like this for another 6 months...

(Btw : i'm using a fresh theme, which hasn't been customized too much...)


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 88
    Hi Langlais,

    The gallery title on the mobile gallery photos page is controlled in theme designer using Style tab > Page Header element > Display Name. This is the same element that controls the mobile menu and selection icons color.

    The background color behind the gallery title is controlled by Style tab > Page Background > Background color.
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