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Business cards?

Can you recommend a service that can print good quality photo business cards? Can you do that through ZF or do you go to one of the web sites where you select predefined template?

For a photographer, I think it is important to have a nice image on the card along with easy to read contact information. I can design my card in PS, but I have been burned in the past because the image I create doesn't look good on the finished business card (margins are off, resolution is low, etc).


  • AnonymousAnonymous Member Posts: 1,649
    <p>I haven't used regular printers because I have the same problems you mentioned. I don't have access to software that converts my images to CMYK so I can see what they will truly look like, and there is a slight color shift.</p>
    <p>Some may disagree with me on this, but I use Zazzle for my own cards, and they look great! The color is exactly what I see on my screen, images are great, and I can get the layout exactly the way I want it on the screen with their design tools. It's very easy. I started out with them with a products store (<a href="http://www.zazzle.com/livinglife">http://www.zazzle.com/livinglife</a>). Just recently, I decided I wanted to have a separate store for setting up templates and business card designs (<a href="http://www.zazzle.com/livinglife2">http://www.zazzle.com/livinglife2</a>). Still working on building that one up.</p>
    <p>You can do the skinny (profile cards), regular business (2x3.5) and chubby (2.5x3.5) cards. Back printing (including color) is included at no extra charge. You also have the option to choose the kind of paper stock you want to use. If you want, you can keep your designs private so that only you can see them and only you can order them. I have done this for a few of my local customers. Or, you can open them all up for sale to the public. You can order as low as 100 at a time and increase to as many as you want in lots of 100. The more you order, naturally, the bigger discount you get. One other good thing about ordering in lots of 100 is that they don't all have to be the same design! For instance, you could order 100 for one customer, 300 for you, 200 for another customer, and STILL get the discount for 600 cards. It works the same way for all other products (cards, posters, mousepads, etc.).</p>
    <p>Check them out. It may be an option for you.</p>
    <p>I love Zazzle. </p>
  • Lori DeLudeLori DeLude Member Posts: 114
    <p>I had a terrific first experience w/ Zazzle, but want to check out moo.com for my next batch ...</p>
  • traceimagestraceimages Member Posts: 159
    <p>I've used VistaPrint for my business cards. They use a template you download and can customize using Photoshop (even Elements, I believe), or you can use one of their online templates and tweak it on their site. </p>
    <p>One caveat I would recommend is if you use your own images/graphics to create your card, make them significantly brighter than your screen shows. VistaPrint tends to print darker than you think. From experience, I would also recommend having the gloss finish added to the card front. It is not as 'shiny' as I thought, but actually really beautiful for photographic images, and it adds a more substantive feel to the card.</p>
    <p>So far, for me, their customer service was excellent: I had decided to redo my card after the first set was sent, and I changed some things on the card back. With my finger on the order-button, I noticed I was being charged for upload on the front image as well. Called customer service, and while we spoke, they corrected the issue on their end (my fault, actually), and I simply refreshed my order page and all was good. I was very pleased with the new order.</p>
    <p>Their prices are the best I've found, and if you use Photoshop, I highly recommend their template/upload format. I did try one other service (name escapes me) that had an online only template that you could upload images to. The same images I sent to VistaPrint did not look good on this other service, and I felt the experience with online template tweaking was not up to par.</p>
    <p>So, long-windedly, check out VistaPrint. (PM me and I may have a discount code if you like)</p>
    <p>~ trace</p>
  • traceimagestraceimages Member Posts: 159
    <p>[quote user="Lori DeLude"]</p>
    <p>I had a terrific first experience w/ Zazzle, but want to check out moo.com for my next batch ...</p>
    <div style="clear: both;"></div>
    <p>Actually Lori, I think it was moo.com that I did not care for (online template), but it has been good for others, so, there you go... three to get you started!</p>
    <p>~ trace</p>
    <p> </p>
  • dragoljubcedragoljubce Member Posts: 7
    <p>Thank you all for responses. I have used Zazzle before for corporate and personal cards and they look good. I went with Zazzle again, but it was frustrating making the layers work properly so that text stands out and is easy to read.</p>
    <p>I like moo cards, they are cute, you can have up to 100 different images, not just one like with Zazzle profile cards.</p>
  • retroimagesretroimages Member Posts: 41
    <p>I use www.moo.com Their products are beautiful and they do really nice postcards as well.</p>
    <p>They are a UK company but have just opened a US branch and ship worldwide.</p>
    <p>I have a code for free shipping valid until the end of August: SM7UJU There is nothing in this for me - just I have used them and was very impressed.</p>
  • kthompsonkthompson Member Posts: 2,473
    <p>I just contacted a local printer for mine.  Did the layout in photoshop myself and sent him the files.  I got a full-bleed (borderless) laminated full-color front with black printing on the back...  $76.00 (plus tax) for 1000 cards.  Needing to make another order here soon too... thanks for reminding me.</p>
  • andysinghandysingh Member Posts: 39
    <p>Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. When you give somebody your business card, it speaks for you in your absence. It should be impressive and should also portray your personality and the type of work you do. Business card should contain all the details of your contact information & business address, details and <a href="http://business.printland.in/category/business-card-browse-free-templates-">visiting card size</a> also matter a lot. To create a business card is not a big deal but to create a perfect business card of course is. To print your own business cards will take a lot of time and you probably would end up with something you do not want. </p>
  • cardsmart001cardsmart001 Member Posts: 1
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    Hello, I and my friends usually use cards-mart.com for our business cards. Their business cards are made from durable PVC plastic.The price is the best for the quality cards.What's more,the turnaround time is very fast.We are all satisfactory everytime.I hope you will be loved them like us.
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  • cushy001cushy001 Member Posts: 1
    Why not choose cushyprinting.com for your business cards? Their products looks very professional and cool. They provide Price Beat Guarantee and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • gazfygazfy Hessen, GermanyMember Posts: 142
    I use goodprint.co.uk
    I've had a few batches from them and they have always been spot on.
    My website
    Looking to join/upgrade? Ref code for a discount 9AW-DR5-2JZ
  • myecard11myecard11 Member Posts: 1
    I use www.ecardtec.com.
    Their business cards are very cheap,but the quality is not too bad.Their business cards contain plastic business cards,paper business cards,transparent business cards and metal business cards etc.They provide all kinds of free sample cards for us.
  • SkidsSkids Member Posts: 183
    +1 For Moo from me. You can have a different image on every card which is a nice touch
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