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Best place to buy domain name besides godaddy

Right now I have the trail version of zenfolio but I am thinking of staying here. Currently my main site is with smugmug and I have my domain name with godaddy.  The problem I have with godaddy is that I can't seem to figure out how to set my own email address. I called them a few times and they told me but it never worked. I am tired of calling them because before and after they help me, they always try to sell me on features.

A friend of mine recommended tucows.com but when I did a research on them, I found little or no info. But namecheap.com seems to have some positive feedbacks.

So any other good place to buy a domain name and NOT have them up-sale me on stuff. Also, if I buy a domain name, should I get an email with my name on it for free or is it something that I have to buy extra.

Like if I wanted my email to be [email protected]






  • <p> you might also want to try freeparking i have used them for years very good and you get free pop3 email link as follows</p>
    <p><a href="http://www.freeparking.com/">http://www.freeparking.com/</a></p>
  • <p> you might also want to try <a href="http://www.freeparking.com">www.freeparking.com</a> i have used them for a while now and you get free pop3 email</p>
  • Mark SykesMark Sykes Member Posts: 136
    <p>I'm not sure what country you're in, but you could try www.fasthosts.co.uk/domain-names</p>
    <p>For emails try mail.com you can get a free pop3 account there and they offer various names after the @ symbol.</p>
    <p>i.e. [email protected] @email.com @photographer.net</p>
    <p>The list goes on.</p>
  • GretishGretish Member Posts: 2
    <p>Godaddy became very expensive nowadays. They are big giants and don't provide good customer support. You can try hioxindia for registering your domain at low cost.</p>
  • LancashireladLancashirelad Member Posts: 38
    <p>You could try 123-reg.co.uk</p>
  • lovelyhelenlovelyhelen Member Posts: 8
    <p>        i suggest you to best place for  buy a domain name with free Whois privacy for each domain registration at  <a target="_self" href="http://www.whoisxy.com/register-domains.aspx">Whoisxy.com</a>  . I got my all domains here at affordable price with user friendly and good technical support. I got my own email account with little extra charge without any problems..</p>
  • Ricardo MainRicardo Main Member Posts: 1
    <p>You might want to try buying from Domainka and Namecheap. I’ve also just gotten into the world of domains, and so far, these sites has been the most useful.</p>
  • Photo-SafariPhoto-Safari Member Posts: 9
    <p>I have been using 1and1.com for years without any problems. Recommend.</p>
  • andysinghandysingh Member Posts: 39
    <p>Apart from godaddy you can buy your domain name from namecheap, 1&1, enom. These are few sites from where you can buy your domain name cheaply. </p>
  • SgiskeSgiske Member Posts: 11
    1and1.com for me as well. Especially if you want to host there later. Domain name only: Leo Laporte recommends hover.com :) I believe fasthost is a cousin to 1and1.
  • cwschulzcwschulz Member Posts: 1
    Name.com is my favorite for domain registration, from ease of use and response to issues. It does appear that you'd need to get their hosting package to have email addresses.
  • I'm hosted on Site5 and love it. Their customer service is great and very helpful.
  • alejandroceppiphotographyalejandroceppiphotography Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMember Posts: 38
    Easy DNS (https://web.easydns.com/index.php) worked fine for me. It didn`t seem expensive to me and I managed to create my own domain following the instructions which are given in their “help” system even though I don`t know anything about the subject. You also need to read and follow the instructions on “using you own custom domain name” given by Zenfolio at http://help.zenfolio.com/customer/portal/articles/408210

    The basic account I created with Easy DNS allowed me to create three e-mail addresses (with no extra charge). For example, if the domain you create or transfer (I suppose this can be done also) is www.whatever.com, you could assign names for your e-mail addresses as could be [email protected]

    You will need to establish to which e-mail account are the e-mails (the ones that people send to [email protected] following the example above) going to be redirected, as could be to an account you might have opened with Hotmail.

    Hotmail allows you to create accounts with an alias. If the name of your account with Hotmail is for example [email protected], you could create an alias account named [email protected] Then, you will be able to send e-mails form Hotmail that people will be seeing as sent from [email protected] and to receive in the same Hotmail account the e-mails that people send to [email protected]
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