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Customer-opt-in-by-email notification functionality.

tc46winetc46wine Davidson, NCMember Posts: 21
Zenfolio should provide the ability for my customers to go to my Zenfolio site, enter their email address to request and to receive notification of new (future) galleries that I add to my site when I add them to my site. If
Zenfolio sent a link automatically for any new galleries that I add to all of my customers that requested to be so informed, that would be a huge selling point for me (and for Zenfolio). Other sites provide said functionality. The available RSS feed is not a solution. I have used the RSS feed. It is clumsy, awkward, and useless. Customers do not even think about attempting to invoke the RSS feed. Moreover, the RSS feed attaches advertisements that can be "politically incorrect" and appear to be endorsed by me. As a result, I don't permit my customers to use the RSS feed. Zenfolio really needs to develop an customer-opt-in-by-email request mechanism described above.
Tom Carroll


  • Thanks for providing your feedback here as well, Tom.

    The best place to post your ideas for new features is the user voice forum. You can find it here - http://zenfolio.uservoice.com/forums/75695
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    When I post new galleries, I add the link to the Featured Galleries where the link will remain for 30 days. As such, on the 1st day of the month, the only galleries appearing in the Featured Gallery are those that were shot the previous month.

    OK, on the first day of every month, I shoot an email to all registered users letting them know how many new galleries were added last month and then direct them to the Featured Gallery. Also, always add the link to your site in the email to make it easy for the customer.

    That's 12 emails to my clients every year and never one complaint since the email has "Purpose" and "Benefit to the Client". I don't add promo offers or try to sell.... only alerting them to how many new galleries I have added and a easy way to view them.

    Even if Zenfolio did what you wanted them to do @tc46wine , I would still do it the way I do now. I add 250 galleries each year and if a email was shot out for each one it would be trapped by spam filters and I would have many clients asking for their names be removed from the mail list. That's not what I want.
  • tc46winetc46wine Davidson, NCMember Posts: 21
    Good thought.
    Tom Carroll
  • It only takes a few annoying, irrelevant notifications to prompt them to disable the function altogether.
  • Kevin KrowsKevin Krows United StatesMember Posts: 1,463
    @georgetgonzales - very good point.

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