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PixTrakk Copyright Service

Anyone using this add on? I added it 3 weeks ago and have zero activity on my account. They are a french based company handling US copyright laws, which I thought was strange, and very little info is on the net about them. Questioning why Zenfolio would partner with them and not a US based company. I have over 700,000 images on my site and nothing is found, which is strange as my images are all over the internet. Zenfolio cannot confirm the service is actually working as they say one will only be notified if something is found.

Anyone have any success using this service?



  • Jon ViscottJon Viscott Member Posts: 4
    I have 52,000 photos in my account and signed up on May 7th, 2018.

    I received my first email on May 28th with 1 match found and again May 31 with 3 matches found. All were legitimate uses and strange that it found matches on my own site.

    I will give it some time since I have so many photos on my site.
  • DraigPhotographyDraigPhotography Member Posts: 1
    I signed up few months ago and am getting constant alerts, ALL of my own site using my own images. Far as I can see this is a useless service and needs binning and a total refund of fees. It's making Zenfolio look farcical tbh.
  • Fixed Focus PhotographyFixed Focus Photography Member Posts: 23
    edited June 2018
    Interesting. I did receive one notice and it was a twitter post share. The idea of the service is great, just dont think the execution is there.
  • Finchley ThompsonFinchley Thompson Member Posts: 16
    I signed up a few weeks ago and I've had several notifications for my photos being used without permission. There were 13 on one website!!! I register them for a copyright violation but they get withdrawn after a few days with no explanation.

    The UI is a bit shabby and very poorly explained. It only seems to be possible to login via the link in a notification email. It's all a bit Internet Version 1.0

    Unless I get a result that gives me some kind of confidence that they pursue cases I won't be renewing.
  • I too haven't had any hits, the UI on the site is terrible and I have no idea what it means. I will be seeking a refund.
  • It sucks and it is useless and you don't get a refund on it if you find out it is garbage after 30 days. Just like Zenfolio. They don't give you a refund either if you don't like their crappy service even if you paid a year...So you are forced to pay for something that they cannot help you with, that they deal with overseas, and is absolute GARBAGE. Makes no sense does it? If you sign up for something for 1 year and it doesn't work for you or if you are not satisfied you should be allowed to get a full refund no questions asked.
  • Triple Deke PhotographyTriple Deke Photography Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2019
    I'm shocked there aren't more comments on this subject. Are we the only fools who paid for this service? I'm glad when I signed up for this service it was for 50% off because there is no way in hell I'm renewing it. Zenfolio will probably just point me to the blog or FAQs and the small print part about it not being their fault if it doesn't work.

    And that same small print says, "The Client agrees to not contact the User, either directly or indirectly, or to attempt to obtain compensation without the assistance of the Firm before and during proceedings." So, I'm supposed to sit and wait and wait and wait?

    **Update: I filed a claim 9/11/18 in which a case was created. It is now 2/11/19, and I haven't heard anything AT ALL in regards to this claim. I should've just taken care of it myself**
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  • Jon ViscottJon Viscott Member Posts: 4
    I cancelled the service. It was very useless and was machining a few photos up to Russian websites that you would never be able to go after. And I got many hits on photos on my own website and another website that was authorized to use them. Even after white listing the site I would still get notifications.

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