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Group Cover Photo Not working

I really wish I could not have the LARGE photo for groups, but it seems it's not possible. I'd like to just have the galleries in that group just come up. I expect to have to tell users to scroll down to find the galleries.

At any rate, I have assigned a photo from one of the containing galleries as the cover photo for the group. But when I enter the Id of the client and go to that group, the cover photo is not there...just a big empty white box.

So I though maybe I needed to make that photo public, so I did not, still empty.

Any suggestions.


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 85
    Hi there!

    It seems you are referring to the layout used for the group page. Try the Centered layout for this group page instead of the Spotlight Area layout. That will then display the gallery thumbnails directly when accessed, instead of the big white box that is shown when content has not been added to the spotlight area.

    Please reach out to our Support Team here if you have any questions on customizing this group page, please let them know the specific group page you are working on.

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