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How I got to page one on Google using Zenfolio

SikoSiko Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 54

This past February, I needed a winter project so I purchased a Zenfolio site and documented the exact steps that I took to take the site from a zero ranking to page one on Google in 57 days.


I currently manage three Zenfolio websites in three separate markets and all three consistently rank on page one or at the top of page 2 on any given day.

The main SEO takeaways are to make sure that your website description text matches your homepage welcome message text exactly.

Also, it’s vitally important that you treat your Zenfolio blog just like you would use social media. Post new content at the exact same time every day or every two days. It doesn’t have to be a huge written post, even just one photo with a caption will work. You can even straight up embed your Instagram posts directly into your Zenfolio blog which makes adding scheduled content super easy.

If you happen to check out the link to the blog post that I wrote on this subject, it will initially look like a lot of work. It’s not! I spent 10-30 minutes a day taking these steps and let the Google algorithms do it’s thing. Zenfolio is a fantastic platform for getting your work indexed quickly once you’ve built a solid foundation.

Consistency is key!


  • Pennington_Photography_88Pennington_Photography_88 Member Posts: 13
    edited April 2019
    So short blog posts worked for you? I had heard that content was king and longer, meatier posts were what typically ranked.

    Did you primarily focus on wedding venues and wedding posts?

    Edit: I searched for "Asheville Wedding Photographer" and you didn't show up - at all. Did you disappear from the rankings? I can find you if I search your name. Seems you have a Zenfolio sub domain name. Might help if you get rid of that.

    Looks like you also have two domain names. sallysiko.zenfolio and ashevilleweddingphotography.zenfolio

    Maybe that is the culprit?
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