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No uploading since Saturday-

current Zen estimate is over 7000 hours to upload 43 jpegs under 15 MB each. Come on, Zen, please provide the basic functionality that we pay for. Deleting that problem reports thread from view did not make this long-time upload issue magically go away. Please fix this. The site is worthless and unusable to me, even as the backup I use it for after moving sales to N-vu, if files can't be uploaded.
On the rare chance anyone reads this and cares, am using Safari on a MacBook.


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 85
    Hi Sue,

    So sorry to hear of the difficulty uploading! If you will please contact the support team at [email protected] they will be glad to troubleshoot with you directly to help resolve any issue you may be running into. In the meantime, please see this support article which has general upload troubleshooting steps that may help.
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