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Zenfolio Service Fee

Would Zenfolio be willing to review their service fees for UK-based self-fulfilling customers?
I already pay a hefty monthly subscription, but you're also charging a 7% service fee too. I appreciate Zenfolio have their costs too, but it seems entirely unfair that I'm paying 7% service fee, 3.4% PayPal fee plus the monthly subscription. Can we go back to scrapping the service fee for customers that do their own fulfilment and have to pay PayPal fees?
Is there a way we can vote on this? I do love zenfolio, but competition websites are offering far cheaper rates with the same features as the advanced plan. What's more, they're listening to their customers to make their sites better...


  • David BurgessDavid Burgess Member Posts: 2
    I have two accounts and I am REALLY pissed off - Feb 2019 and service fees are now 9.9% with subs at £190+vat And then scummy PayPal at about 3.5% My customers will walk
  • MartWilliamsMartWilliams Member Posts: 12
    Have a look at these guys, possibly might be a solution.

    Zenfolio's unreliability is causing me to question if they are right for me now and fortunately I don't need them as a fulfilment service for my sales, which are only digital downloads and would cost me thousands of pounds every year! Just to process less than 400 payments and downloads each year, crazy!
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