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A Collection of Light

You have walls, right? I mean, like, at least 4? If you're tired of lookin' at em, you could, like, you know, put one of these things right in the middle and look at that instead. Like some of those fancy bigwigs in the city do.

I'm hoping to make my first sale tonight, and not at all selective as to who gets my V-card, so to speak. I am badly in need of the release. Anyways, enough about me. I'll just warm up my new digital file copier and we can talk about you.

First off, if you're here, you're most likely a photographer looking to sell your own pictures and not buy mine. So, begone, fellow camera-wielders. You clearly have your own walls covered and are capable of filling the empty spaces without my contributions. I'm here for the mindless, sheep-people known as "customers" who let money slip out of their pockets on occasion.

My first question is: Does this thing even work?


I mean, I built the site, like it said. And I hit publish. But either the tracking software is bogus or nobody's been to the site, or both. I still don't have any views or nuthin' but it seems like I can click around it just fine, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I've got my 1-on-1 scheduled for tomorrow, so I think I will get a lot of my questions answered then, but I'd really like to track the two people who click that link overnight.

The digital file copy machine is almost warmed up, you just gotta throw a buck or two in it first to grease the wheels. It's SUPER loud if you don't, and I don't want to have to call the guy, because it's not on warranty anymore and it's a super long story but let's just say the last time I didn't grease it was fall of 2016, and we all know what happened next...

So throw me a buck, pay to download the file you would have just screenshotted and then downloaded anyways, and by doing so, enable me to continue at least one of my bad habits. The fate of the free world almost certainly depends on it.


  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 89
    edited November 2019
    Hi Kyle, welcome to Zenfolio!
    Your pages are working indeed! The built-in visitor stats require a photo level view to count a visit. The Google Analytics tracking you linked will be much more thorough.
    I see you linked your Google Search Console account and proved ownership of the property, but did you submit a sitemap to speed up the crawling and indexing process? If not, on the sitemap tab simply add: sitemap.xml to the end of the property and submit that, then your pages should appear in Google search results shortly.
    There are some good resources in the forum here for improving seo and page rank after that, especially Siko's posts.
    Check out the Zenfolio blog, youtube channel, and the support center as well.
    You will most certainly get up to speed quickly with the 1-on-1 session, but please reach out to the Support Team anytime with questions!
  • Denlo PhotographyDenlo Photography Trim. Co. Meath. Ireland.Member Posts: 7
    Can I generate a seperate sitemap and then upload it? If I look at my site's current sitemap which I presume is generated by Zenfolio, it's missing loads of URLs.
  • AlexZenAlexZen Administrator Posts: 89
    Hi Denlo,

    The Zenfolio generated sitemap is the only one that will work for your Zenfolio pages. There is not a way to submit your own version to Google search console. The sitemap needs to be an XML file that is hosted in the same domain, and we do not allow for uploading that file type in a way that would be readable by Google. If you are not seeing pages listed on the sitemap, then those pages have been set to not be publicly searchable, and will then not be indexed.

    For further assistance with this, please contact the Support Team directly and let them know which specific pages you are not seeing referenced on the sitemap, and they will be glad to look into this for you!
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